Parkinson Association of Alberta’s Best Tips for Fundraising Success!


With just a few short weeks until the 5th Anniversary of the Flexxaire Parkinson Step ‘n Stride™, we wanted to give you our best tips for fundraising so you and your team can start fundraising on the right foot!


Step 1: Set Your Goal – Set your goal and make it a challenge! Tell your friends and family your goal so that they can help you to succeed!


Step 2: Make a List Make a list of EVERYONE you know and don’t exclude anyone! Friends, family, co-workers, neighbours, pet sitters, hair stylists, leave no one off your list! 


Step 3: Make a Donation Yourself and show your donors how important Step ‘n Stride is to you. 


Step 4: Ask! Ask your potential donors to sponsor you via phone, email or in person. Tell them why are fundraising, how their donation will help Parkinson Association of Alberta and make your connection to Step ‘n Stride personal. Be sure to remind your donors that all donations over $20 receive a tax receipt and then allow your potential donor to decide if they would like to contribute.

It’s OK to follow up and be persistent with your potential donors. Often times if they have no sent in a contribution, it’s simply because they forgot and a simple reminder is always appreciated. 


Step 5: Acknowledge! Whether a donor agrees or declines to help you fundraise, it is always appropriate to acknowledge their consideration. Always remember to thank your sponsors for their donation and to thank those you chose not to participate this year for their consideration. 

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